Risk, in any context, is often befriended by a negative connotation. To assume risk is dangerous and to protect ourselves is prudent. Our Financial Advisors work with clients to manage risk. Separating acceptable risks from unacceptable risks is an important part of the investment process, so our Financial Advisors work with our clients to develop investment strategies within a client’s willingness to assume risk.

How you structure your investment portfolio can have major implications on your investment return as well as the volatility of those returns. As your portfolio grows and as you get older, your view of acceptable risk may change over time. It’s important to review your portfolio on a regular basis and make any adjustments necessary to keep your investments in line with your goals and comfort level with risk.

Additionally, there are risks that many people overlook. What if you had a young family and were to pass away early? What if you were just about to retire and we were to witness another major market correction as we saw most recently in 2008? What if you suffered a long term illness that requires specialized care? We have a number of tools to help you mitigate these risks.

Life Insurance

We offer a number of insurance solutions including term, universal life and others that can help you. We have insurance specialists available who can assess your situation and make recommendations that could be of benefit to you.


Annuities can help by offering protections on your investments, reducing volatility, or offering minimum guarantees on cash flow, death benefits, and others. There are several annuity carriers with multiple contracts available, causing a lot of confusion for investors. We can help you to find contracts that could be helpful in a number of situations.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Many people have never considered the need for long term care insurance, however if you have ever had an ailing parent who needed ongoing long term care whether it is inside or outside of a health care facility, you may have realized that costs can add up quickly and can easily deplete or eliminate any life-long savings and investments. Long term care insurance can help by partially or fully offsetting long term health care costs.