Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Incorporated is a privately owned, full-service brokerage firm and investment advisor headquartered in Washington, D.C. with branches in Hunt Valley, MD and Cambridge, MD. Since 1889, we have been providing personal, customized financial solutions to individuals, families and businesses. We are Washington’s oldest investment firm, with over a century of financial expertise, focused on helping our clients build and manage wealth.

Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Incorporated has maintained its independence since its founding in 1889. This independence has allowed us to stay true to our core mission of providing quality service to our clients. We are a family owned firm with family values. We do not have corporate shareholders that may obscure our mission of providing sound financial solutions.

Over our 125 years, we have been through many of the events and conditions that can affect the financial markets. No long-term investment time period exists unblemished by market turmoil. When the market goes through its ups and downs, our Financial Advisors, whom average 20 years in the business, are well equipped to guide you and your investments.

Our commitment is to put our clients’ interests first. This commitment requires unwavering support as our Financial Advisors recognize its importance as they continue to build and strengthen their client relationships. As financial markets, services and products have increased in complexity, our adherence to this commitment will continue to drive our philosophy.

We have Financial Advisors with diverse backgrounds, investment philosophies and training that are coupled with an investment platform that is able to help you in a variety of ways.Whether you are looking to develop a strategy geared toward building your retirement savings, investing for a child’s education, managing your company retirement plan or looking for intergenerational investment management, we have the resources and knowledge to help you.


Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Incorporated

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